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Redemption in the unexpected: A widower, professor and marijuana artisan and philanthropist befriends a boy and his mother living in crime – and drug-infested public housing.

67 pages. Softcover. 2013


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Aitch Kramer waits at the margins of his life while recovering from the death of his wife and child. The bookish former educator fills his time writing poetry, studying botany and cultivating artisanal marijuana, a pursuit for which he is widely recognized by stoner connoisseurs. Encouraged to donate his excess inventory to a medical marijuana charity in Upstate New York, he embarks on a journey that takes him far outside his comfort zone. A casual meeting at the A&P is the blooms into a relationship with a young boy and his mother in crime- and drug-infested public housing. One/10th is the first of ten small entwined works inspired by W. E. B. DuBois’ The Talented Tenth.

67 pages. Softcover. 2013

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 In this short piece, [Shawn Stewart Ruff] finds yet more molds to break, trenchant observations to make, and new characters who manage to draw us into their lives, flaws and all. — Julia A.Plaisance