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  • GJS II

    $ 19.50

    An alluring sideshow in the William Jefferson Clinton White House scandals, GJS II is a tabloid tale of crimes of passion, high fashion and murder.

    493 pages. Autographed softcover. 2016

  • One/10th

    $ 7.50

    Redemption in the unexpected: A widower, professor and marijuana artisan and philanthropist befriends a boy and his mother living in crime – and drug-infested public housing.

    67 pages. Softcover. 2013


  • Toss and Whirl and Pass

    $ 19.90

    In this deeply felt, poetically told novel set against the World Trade Center’s destruction, the dance of life — memory, love, loss — in the age of AIDS and terrorism.

    194 pages. Autographed softcover. 2010

  • Finlater

    $ 15.50

    An award-winning panorama of Cincinnati, Ohio, not six years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, zeroes in on a black boy and a Jewish boy in first love and trouble.

    292 pages. Autographed softcover. 2008